Why Not Exploratory Testing?

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Most of the Test Managers say, "Testing without test plans is a crime." The testers should know what is being built and should analyze the way to proceed. He/she will have to prepare the test plans based upon that to proceed with testing the application. Good knowledge of Exploratory Testing is necessary for reading this article. For those who don't have much idea about Exploratory Testing, a small intro is given here.

Most of the Test Managers says, "Testing without Test Plans is a crime". The Testers should know what is being built and he should analyse the way to proceed. He/She will have to prepare the Test Plans based upon that to proceed with Testing the Application. Good knowledge of Exploratory Testing is necessary for reading this article. For those who dont have much idea about Exploratory Testing, a small intro is given here.

"The plainest definition of exploratory testing is test design and test execution at the same time. Exploratory software testing is a powerful and fun approach to testing. In some situations, it can be orders of magnitude more productive than scripted testing. I haven’t found a tester yet who didn't, at least unconsciously, perform exploratory testing at one time or another. Yet few of us study this approach, and it doesn't get much respect in our field. It's high time we stop the denial, and publicly recognize the exploratory approach for what it is: scientific thinking in real time. Friends, that's a good thing."–James Bach

There are lots of myths that is behind the Exploratory Testing and the objective of this writing is to expose them. There are lots of proofs which tells that Exploratory Testing is the best among the other testing techniques. The user of this article is recommended to have some idea about the advantages of Exploratory Testing. If the user is a beginner then he can gather information about what are all the circumstances, one can go for an Exploratory Testing, without knowing the reason behind it.

"A test that reveals a problem is a success. A test that did not reveal a problem was a waste of time"–Cem Kaner

In this Internet arena, in an organization with no Software Configuration Management, Projects are built without any kind of Documentations. If they are available also, they are not going to get updated, as and when the modifications from the client is received. The Project Manager conveys the modifications to his/her team by word of mouth and gets the modifications done without getting them updated in the documentation. It is inevitable for him to get the modifications updated in the documentation, but at the same time, when he prioritizes to get the changes implemented in the code, the former gains low priorities serially and that goes out of his mind, if the code is done. This is going to have a direct impact on the Testing Process. If you are deriving the Test Cases out of the documentations, your Test Cases are going to get aged soon. It is not worth to look back at them. We cannot use them as it has no relevance with the Code. The time invested in preparing the Test Cases is wasted, here.

Let us consider that the requirement is going to get changed frequently, say 4-5 modifications per day. It is the tendency of the people to forget about the documentions and to concentrate more on the implementation part. These are all happening because of the time and cost associated with that. Though they are all inevitable from the angle of LAW, the need of rigor and to satisfy the customer at time pushes the Project Manager to forego this activity, as he/she considers it as a overhead. Finally, they got approval for doing this from the Top Management also. The project life travels in a planned undocumented way and how we can expect the testing should happen in a planned documented, properly scripted WAY?

"If you think you can fully test a program without testing its response

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