Better Software Magazine Archive:

Sep/Oct 2003


A Look at Tinderbox 2
By Ken Estes

Ken Estes reviews Tinderbox 2 in depth.

A Real Go-Getter
By Esther Derby

A word from the editor.

Manager to Manager
By Dorothy Graham

Dorothy Graham says test managers should learn to speak in terms that a project manager can relate to.

By Sean M. Beatty

Sean Beatty explains what a deadlock is and why testing probably won't catch it.

The World You Work In
By Heather Shanholtzer

Job outlook, salary ranges, raises, layoffs, benefits--if it's important to you, we wanted to hear about it. We've compiled the results from the fourth annual STQE magazine/ Salary Survey. Take a look at the state of the industry.

Every Crash, Everywhere
By Joel Spolsky

You want to know exactly what your users in the field are experiencing. In most cases, they aren’t going to take the time to tell you. Maybe the solution is automated data collection.

You Don't Say
By Lisa Crispin

You've just developed and tested a system that meets each of the customer’s stated requirements. So why aren't they satisfied? Lisa Crispin shares her 5-step process for uncovering hidden assumptions and requirements so that everyone can have the happy ending they expected.

Congratulations! You're a Manager
By Johanna Rothman

You may deserve a promotion to management, but are you prepared for the challenges that next level may bring? Find out how practicing managerial skills on your technical tasks can help ease the transition.

Make It Personal
By Robert E. Lee

Often, despite all the data, the bugs, and the business case for quality, people don't make real changes until they discover what's in it for them. Bob Lee shows you how to make quality matter to those upstream.

Culture Clash
By Kathy Iberle

Kathy Iberle reveals how her definition of quality changed when her job did.

The Power of "What If..." and
By Cem Kaner

Sometimes your imagination can be your most valuable testing tool. Learn when to use scenario tests, when not to, and nine ways to make them work better for you.

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