Better Software Magazine Archive:

Mar/April 2013


Green IT: A Sustainability Perspective for Portfolio Optimization
By Sunita Purushottam
Vaibhav Bhatia

As organizations grow and diversify, they end up with a large number of IT systems. However, by quantifying sustainability metrics, they can optimize their IT infrastructures and introduce a greener side of IT.

A Kind of Magic
By Joey McAllister

A letter from the Better Software magazine editor.

Taking the Risk: Exploration over Documentation
By Matthew Heusser

The loudest voice in the room might push for a stable, predictable, repeatable test process that defines itself up front, but each build is different. An adaptive, flexible approach could provide better testing in less time with less cost, more coverage, and less waste.

Perception Management: (And Why You Should Leave It to Magicians)
By Payson Hall

To build and sustain credibility, good project managers focus on managing expectations and leave perception management to magicians. Explore the difference and find out why.

FAQ: What Questions Should Software Tester Certification Students Be Able to Answer?
By Ed Weller

In this installment of FAQ, SQE Trainer Ed Weller answers one of the questions students ask him most often.

A Major Award
By Lisa Crispin

You may remember the "major award" from the film A Christmas Story as "that gaudy leg lamp." But, for Ralphie's Old Man, it’s "indescribably beautiful." Sometimes, the meaning of an award is more important than the award itself.

It's All a Matter of Perspective
By Johanna Rothman

Everyone has a unique perspective on problems at work. Help your problems make it to the top of the queue by expressing them in terms of business value.

Gain Greater Testing Precision Through Adaptive Test Methods
By Brooke Bowie

Brooke Bowie explains how "adaptive" software testing provides nimble, high-value software test solutions that bend and shift with the changing needs of the market or the environment. High-value testing does not mean that you need to perform all end-to-end testing or run the full suite of tests; this can potentially create a bottleneck and dampen the velocity. Adaptive tests are always targeted at the most relevant business and quality goals.

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