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Do you have a story about how you succeeded--or not? Do you have a story about how things worked--or didn't?

If you are in your agile transition, or you have completed one leg of your agile journey, we would love to publish your story.

Agile transitions are not just about the project. They are about changing the culture. That means that agile transitions are verrryyy interesting from many perspectives.

Send us your stories. You can send them through the "Contribute" form at the bottom of the page. Or, send me an email first, and we'll go back and forth on your ideas.

Sharpen your pen, and send me your story. I bet it's a good one!

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Hi Johanna Rothman,

I'm excited to be part of 'Agile Connection' journey. Good to see the information that you are welcoming the agile ideas. Right now I'm working a scrum master for one of the biggest and largest agile transformation project. I introduced one best practice which is an information radiator. I would like to publish that as a white paper in your website. Please do let me know how and need to submit the same.



Trinadh Bonam.


January 12, 2014 - 11:31am