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Software Installation Testing: How to Automate Tests for Smooth System Installation

Installation testing—especially manual testing—can sometimes be grueling. Here are several aspects of installation testing that are best suited to automated methods.

Chris Agruss

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Legal Compliance in Quality Assurance

In many industries, we must comply with state or federal statutes, government regulations, and other legal standards. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) has brought a new awareness to these issues within testing. So, how do you incorporate legal compliance into your QA and test efforts, and how do you get the information you need to do the job well? Elle Ringham, who deals with these important issues every day at Fidelity National Financial, shares her knowledge and experiences. First, she helps you understand the types of legal compliance bodies that can affect applications and offers research methods for industry specific areas of legal compliance, including internal sources, websites, and search strategies. Then, she discusses the artifacts and metrics needed to be maintained

Elle Ringham, Fidelity National Financial

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