An orange with a blue painted outside Redefining the Project Manager Role in Scrum

Scrum teams are meant to become self-sustaining, so it’s natural for project managers to wonder how they will fit into this new environment. But they still have important skills. Their new role may—and probably will—look different from the traditional project manager role they’ve been used to, but there are still plenty of opportunities to provide real value to their new Scrum team.

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Conference Presentations

STAREAST 2000: Confessions of a (Recovering) Coding Cowboy

The battle lines are drawn, it seems, between programmers and testers. Do you wonder what makes some programmers so opposed to process control? Why do programmers seem to resent testers? And, more importantly, what can we do to bridge the gap? Learn how to identify different types of developer personalities and development styles and deal with them to your advantage. Susan Joslyn explores ways to inspire quality (recovery) in coding cowboys while minimizing clashes. Discover your own twelve step program to recovery in your relationships with your developers!

Susan Joslyn, SJ+ Systems Associates, Inc.
The Tester's Triad: Bug, Product, User

Good testing does not come naturally to everyone. For these individuals, the best option is to look closely at really good testers and observe what often seems to come easily and unconsciously to them. Brian Marick explores how good testers make effective and efficient use of three sources of information: past bugs and their fixes; informal descriptions of the product architecture; and characterizations of the end user. Learn how good testers gather this information, and what they do with it once they have it.

Brian Marick, Testing Foundations
The Change Agent: Leveraging the Testing Role

How can you help change your corporate culture to appropriately regard the role of testing? In this presentation, David Capocci shows you how to position testing as a valued part of the project team. Since testers provide the expertise in such critical areas as defect detection and prevention, their merit can be leveraged simply by making their function understood by other roles, e.g. developers, business analysts, and project managers.

David Capocci, SAFECO Insurance
Baby Steps-Testing Therapy for Developers

Learn from a "developer-in-recovery" the strategies for overcoming testing phobia and testing animosity among developers. Now a "convert" to disciplined, quality-oriented software development, Susan Joslyn provides you with approaches that are helpful in educating developers, most of whom actually want to make a better contribution to quality practices. The testers who must beg, cajole, and trick their developers into using them will benefit greatly from attending this session.

Susan Joslyn, SJ+ Systems Associates, Inc

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