Accelerate Your Testing with Service Virtualization

Glyn Rhodes, Green Hat

We all know that it’s not always possible to have our entire system available during testing because internal components may not be ready to execute or external components may be too expensive to use for testing. There is a solution out there for you. Glyn Rhodes shares how and when to employ service virtualization techniques to create “stubs”–modules of code that stand in for and simulate portions of your system. While stubbing has traditionally been a developer-only activity, it’s time that testers learn these techniques, too. Glyn explores how testers can create and maintain service virtualization assets and estimate test environment utilization with and without stubs. Learn how strategic and coordinated service virtualization yields enormous benefits: testing downtime is minimized; risk is mitigated; organizational agility increases; and quality is built into your system as early as possible. Take back a practical approach to plan for and create stubs in your new service virtualization world.

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