Active Context Listening: The Tester's Power Tool

Rob Sabourin,

Context drivers–business, technological, and organizational factors–should be important influences in how we make testing decisions. They exist in every project from rigid big-design-up-front waterfall projects to the most fluid agile development efforts. Rob Sabourin explores the subtle and not-so-subtle ways that context should influence your software testing approaches and identifies the tools you need to determine context. Rob urges testers to frequently inquire about the business. A change in the business model could require us to flip from a product to a service model mid-project. New, unproven technological contexts–either development tools or product delivery technology–require different risk models than mature technologies. Anticipating and reacting to changing contexts helps to minimize wasted effort and allows us to adjust our testing focus to what really matters. Join with Rob and your peers to learn about and practice the art and science of active context listening-your power tool for setting and adjusting your test approaches.

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