Agile Actions for Facilitating Distributed Teams

Mark Kilby

Facilitating distributed team meetings can feel like having one arm tied behind your back and one eye covered. But you can free yourself of these constraints using other agile practices. We struggle with meeting tools and keeping people engaged online, but what if we collaborate with our teams to get the most value out of meetings? If we leverage pairing, mobbing, and other practices, we can facilitate successful outcomes with our teams. Mark Kilby will describe a few distributed team patterns, explain how you can adapt the concepts of pairing and mobbing to help support your facilitation online, run through a brief example, and give you a chance to adapt these lessons to your current situation. Expect to walk away with an understanding of different types of distributed and dispersed teams and how you can facilitate them, how a chat backchannel can keep team members connected, how you can pair or mob with your audience to facilitate good outcomes, and how you can use these practices to prepare for a typical distributed meeting.

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