Agile Development in a Regulated Environment

Chris Ampenberger, PHT Corporation

There is no doubt that agile is an accepted development methodology. However, if you work in a regulated industry like health care where you have to comply with its standard operating procedures, heaps of paperwork, and frequent audits, don’t these conflict with agile’s core tenets? Chris Ampenberger describes his operating environment and the applicable regulations that define the constraints for the software development process he can use. He shares how they overcame the incongruity between agile and regulatory requirements. With real-world examples, Chris demonstrates how you can produce the required documentation as a byproduct of the scrum team’s everyday work and illustrates how his teams succeeded in an agile way, achieving significant increases in productivity. Chris points out common pitfalls, details the hurdles they had to overcome, and discusses how to obtain buy-in from stakeholders at all levels of the organization. If you are working in a regulated environment, this session is for you.

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