Agile Leadership: Where Do Managers Fit?

Skip Angel, BigVisible Solutions

When adopting agile software development, many of the agile roles and practices focus on the team and its members. So, where does that leave the managers-project managers, software managers, IT directors, etc? Based on his many years as an agile coach, Skip Angel answers these questions and explores the role of leadership in software development. Skip discusses common challenges agile team face and how managers within the organization are needed to address those challenges. Explore areas in which both the team and the organization value leadership: team structure and reporting; coordination among teams and teams of teams; team space, facilities, and infrastructure; mentoring and training; and optimizing processes, especially where they touch other parts of the organization. If you are a manager or expect to be a manager in an agile development environment, there is an important place for you-if you are willing to define your responsibilities in a new way.

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