Agile Metrics: Make Better Decisions with Data

Larry Maccherone

Some consider measurement in agile development destructive—or at the very least useless. Larry Maccherone disagrees and offers insight into how you can use metrics in an agile environment to make life better. How do you know when you are ready to introduce metrics into the environment? What are the sources for these metrics? What tools and techniques are necessary to make decisions probabilistically? What are the mindset shifts necessary for metrics to help you making better decisions? How do teams and organizations avoid the anti-patterns that so often derail a metrics program? Larry answers these questions and shows how to create a culture where measurement is an insight amplification and feedback mechanism—not a club to beat people up; where your teams seek out—rather than dread—the use of quantitative insight; and where metrics bring stakeholders and teams closer together—not drive them apart. Leave with the vision and understanding necessary to implement your own metrics regimen and make better decisions with data.

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