Agile Success with Scrum: It’s All about the People

Bob Hartman, Agile For All

Is it possible to be doing everything Scrum says to do and still fail horribly? Unfortunately, the answer is yes—and teams do it every day. To many, Scrum means concentrating on the meetings and artifacts, and making sure the roles all do their jobs. Bob Hartman and Michael Vizdos explore why success with Scrum means understanding the people who do the work and giving them the tools and environment to do their best in a meaningful way. Drawing from their experiences as agile coaches and Certified Scrum Trainers, Bob and Michael help you better understand and practice the people side of Scrum. They explain ways that the Agile Manifesto interlocks with the five key Scrum people values—commitment, focus, openness, respect, and courage—and relates those values to lean software development principles. By focusing on the people side of Scrum and the lean principles they share, you can transform your Scrum teams into the best they can be.


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