Are We There Yet? Defining "Done"

Mitch Lacey, Mitch Lacey & Associates, Inc.

"Are you done yet?" The answer to this question may sink your career, your team, and your project. If you respond with a "yes," you may be forced to take on additional work you can't handle. If you say "no," you may be branded as someone who can't get things done. Mitch Lacey notes that this innocent question is asked countless times on almost every software project. Establishing an upfront, common understanding of "done" can save teams and businesses countless hours of rework, process-thrash, unclear communication, and hidden work. Mitch describes what a "done list" is, how it adds value, and the value it communicates to stakeholders. Mitch takes you through an exercise on how to establish a common understanding of done and provides an exercise that you can use with your project teams.

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