AWS Lambda: Best Practices and Common Mistakes

Derek Ashmore

AWS Lambda is a serverless architecture that relieves you of hardware and scaling setup concerns. AWS Lambda functions are used by many organizations for serverless application development and automating DevOps tasks. But many teams start using AWS Lambdas and uncover problems such as running into resource limits, debugging nested lambda defects, managing code change across dozens of AWS accounts, and many more. Derek Ashmore will provide tips and tricks to make your AWS Lambda functions usable in different contexts and easier to develop and support. He will show you how to mitigate common problems teams run into with AWS Lambdas. This practical chat is based on real-world examples and designed for senior developers and architects who have experience developing Lambda functions. You will leave with concrete examples for how to make your AWS Lambda code easier to debug and support; methods to manage DevOps in dozens of accounts without installing Lambda code into every one; and instructions for how to properly nest lambdas so as to not create difficult support problems.

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