Beyond the Mission Statement: How Values Drive Behavior

Michele Sliger, Sliger Consulting, Inc.

Companies often invest a lot of time and money into defining their mission statement, expecting it to drive employee behavior toward the stated purpose. Unfortunately this is a myth. Instead it is values that drive behavior, and corporate values are often not part of the mission statement. We'll look at what other companies have posted as their mission statement and their values and how that has affected their business. We'll walk through a common example of how a mission statement without values can lead to project failures. You'll find out how to determine what your company values and how to compare that to what you value-and what to do if they are different. Most importantly, learn how to apply what you've learned in your own situation. See how to define values at the team level, a must in order to ensure effective working relationships and that the right actions are taken by everyone to achieve project goals. You'll learn visioning exercises that you can conduct with your team, and on your own-so you can better understand what you personally value, how that guides your behavior, and what you plan to do about it.

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