Collaboration Workshops: Discover, Plan, and Prepare the Product Backlog

Ellen Gottesdiener, EBG Consulting, Inc.

To deliver high-value products, your agile team must reach a shared understanding of prioritized stakeholder needs. Collaborative techniques are best for this type of work, but not all agile teams use them or use them efficiently. Some rely too heavily on written user stories or story maps and fail to address complex topics or resolve requirements conflicts among stakeholders. Ellen Gottesdiener outlines how you can systematically collaborate about the product backlog in nimble, timely workshops that give your team an open venue for working together to make complicated decisions. Ellen explores collaborative techniques for backlog discovery and preparation. She teaches you to use the Seven Dimensions technique to make sure you capture all product needs. Learn how to hold workshops-not merely meetings-including setting agendas, adopting decision-making practices, and employing value criteria to slice requirements across product releases. Leave with a holistic toolset to help you discover, prepare for, and deliver valuable products.

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