Cosmic Truths about Software Quality

Karl Wiegers, Process Impact

Although everyone wants to build and use high quality products, software people often debate the meaning of "quality" and how to achieve it. Karl Wiegers has identified ten principles about quality that apply almost universally to software products. Learn why any software team that really cares about quality needs to understand these principles and implement development approaches consistent with them. These principles include: Quality begins with the requirements; Quality has many dimensions; Customer involvement is the greatest determinant of software quality; Both internal and external quality are important; Developer discretion has a great influence on quality; Quality must be a conscious project priority; You can pay now, or you can pay a lot more later; Iteration is a key to software quality; Long-term productivity is the result of high quality; If you don't design for quality, you won't get it. Join Karl to explore these principles and see how they can help you steer your way through the most challenging software projects.

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