Debug Your Mind

Andrew Hunt, Pragmatic Programmers

Every day, we make important decisions and try to solve critical problems in our work. Unfortunately, our decision-making and problem-solving processes often are based on a faulty memory and our emotional state at the time. We tend to ignore crucial facts and fixate on irrelevant details because of where and when they occur, or whether they are brightly colored-especially if they are brightly colored. Join Andy Hunt as he shares concepts from his popular book Pragmatic Thinking and Learning and explores the common cognitive biases that can dramatically affect your decision-making and problem-solving skills. Learn why most predictions are wrong from the start and how you can guard against false assumptions. Discover aspects of context which can subtly affect you, including generational affinity and personality tendencies. Find out why your own brain's legacy hardware can work against you, and learn how to recognize and stop that when it happens.

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