Developing a Software Product Line

Charles Krueger, BigLever Software

Today's tools and techniques for software development tend to focus on individual products. However, customer demands require most companies to offer a software product line portfolio-a collection of related products with variations in features and functions-rather than just a single product. This situation has led to the emergence of development methods, tools, and techniques focused specifically on the challenges of software product line development. Charles Krueger explores this latest generation of software development methods that are yielding an order-of-magnitude improvement in time-to-market, engineering cost, product quality, and portfolio scalability. Charles shares the best methods from recent industry case studies, including model-driven, aspect-oriented, minimally-invasive, and agile strategies. Learn innovative, proven software product line development methods, as well as practical approaches for getting started.

  • Transition from traditional development to a product line approach
  • Customization of reusable software assets for product line extensions
  • Strategic and competitive advantages of software product lines

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