The Dirty Little Secret of Business

Andy Kaufman, Institute for Leadership Excellence and Development

Regardless of your role in the software lifecycle, there are challenges and roadblocks that stand in your way. How can you deal with difficult people who are obstacles to your ability to deliver? How can you influence someone to act on your priorities even when you don't have the organizational authority? How can you find time to network when you're overwhelmed with day-to-day work? Andy Kaufman shares "The Dirty Little Secret of Business." You won't learn this secret in school, yet it is critical to your success. The secret is simple-it's all about relationships. Andy describes the key relationships you must develop to advance your projects and career. Discover how understanding different personality types will improve your ability to build rapport, influence people, and control situations. Learn what networking is-and isn't-and how to increase the effectiveness of your networks with less effort. Particularly in today's challenging economy when you are being asked to deliver more-and perhaps are even worried about your job-it's critical that you invest in the power of relationships.

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