Embracing Change: Transforming Ideas and Challenges into Opportunities

Naomi Karten, Karten Associates

Why are managers so poor at bringing about change? Why do people often resist and sometimes reject necessary changes? The reality is that people at all levels, from test managers to senior executives, often use flawed practices when trying to implement improvements and necessary changes. Many ignore, trivialize, or fail to act on the human element-the impact of the change on the people affected. Naomi Karten shares practices she has successfully employed to introduce changes and manage improvement efforts, often helping people turn the challenges of change into personal and company successes. In this serious yet lighthearted presentation, Naomi describes the stages many people go through when adjusting to challenging change-from the appearance of a change, to their sometimes-turbulent response, and their ultimate adjustment and acceptance. She presents guidelines for reducing the duration and intensity of the change turbulence and approaches you can use to listen with empathy and act effectively. Plus, you'll learn how to cope with-even embrace-change when you're the one on the receiving end.

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