Ensuring Quality Requirements

Donald Haynes, Synova

Quality assurance is more than just testing software through processing a series of controlled inputs and outputs. It must also include an assessment of all the deliverables associated with the project. Developers and testers often view software documentation as merely a source of information, not as artifacts that require evaluation. All software documentation should undergo a rigorous quality assessment just as the actual software is subject to comprehensive testing. Mark Haynes describes quality models and attributes that can be used to evaluate requirements documents. He shows how imprecision (that will haunt you later) can be detected and removed through a set of formal criteria and informal heuristics. To experience using these techniques, Mark shares examples of poorly written requirements for you to evaluate and improve. Additional quality attributes, even subjective ones, can be used to conduct a quality dialogue. Leave with a better understanding of the process used to ensure quality requirements that become the basis for successful systems development.

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