Ensuring Quality in Web Services

Chris Hetzler, Appolis Software

As Web service-based applications become more prevalent, testers must understand how the unique properties of Web services affect their testing and quality assurance efforts. Chris Hetzler explains that testers must focus beyond functional testing of the business logic implemented in the services. Quality of Service (QoS) characteristics-security, performance, interoperability, and asynchronous messaging technology-are often more important and more complicated than in classical applications. Unfortunately these characteristics are often poorly defined and documented. In addition, Web services can be implemented using a number of technologies-object oriented programming, XML documents, and databases-and can employ multiple communications protocols, each requiring different testing skills. Take back a list of infrastructure and supporting tools-some of which you may need to build yourself-that are necessary to effectively test Web services.

  • Quality of Service (QoS) characteristics for Web services
  • How to apply your current skills and tools to Web services testing
  • New skills and tools you need for testing Web services

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