Enterprise Agile Adoption: Barriers, Paths, and Cultures

Mike Stuedemann, Medtronic

While agile adoption continues to grow rapidly in the software product development world, it has not been as widely adopted within enterprise IT departments. Even within a single company, different software organizations can have widely varied views on adopting agile concepts. Some groups are fanatical about the “A-word”; others are skeptical and dismissive. Using Medtronic as a case study, Mike Stuedemann examines the barriers to agile adoption within large, multinational corporations. He shares his experiences at Medtronic to illustrate the varied adoption paths that teams can employ to realize the benefits of agile within the enterprise. Mike learned that many of the supposed barriers to enterprise agile adoption were myths; others were real and really difficult to overcome. Leave with the ability to refute many of the common arguments used to block agile adoption and gain a better understanding of approaches that can be used to implement it within the enterprise.

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