The Five "Doings" of Software Testing

Mark Fewster and Dorothy Graham, Grove Consultants

As testers, we sometimes are so busy "doing", we forget about the "why’s" and "how's" of what we are doing. Dorothy Graham and Mark Fewster take a closer look at five key activities of testing: searching for defects, checking against requirements and specifications, assessing software readiness, measuring quality, and sampling software and data. Dorothy and Mark have found that these software testing activities have strong parallels with things that we do in ordinary life. They also have found that most testers are not conscious of how useful their personal skills and knowledge can be to their testing work. Drawing on some surprising examples of things we do every day that can make us better testers, Mark and Dorothy examine the why's and how's of all five testing "doings." Raise your consciousness level, and gain a deeper understanding of testing activities to improve your performance and your team's results.

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