The Five Facets of an Agile Organization

George Schlitz, BigVisible Solutions

Is agile—or lean, kanban, lean startup, etc.—starting to follow the path of other management buzzwords in your organization? Is it losing steam, now resembling only a minor change from the old ways? Have you compromised to "make agile work in our organization?” As organizations introduce new paradigms, they often run into roadblocks of inertia. When these are not overcome, the initial excitement and the potential benefits drain away. Treating changes such as agile as merely a software delivery approach typically means disregarding four other key facets of the agile organization. It is from these neglected areas that most resistance and regression come. George Schlitz presents these five facets—execution, delivery, product, organization, and leadership. This holistic view helps us understand the complex nature of the changes we are introducing; provides a basis for a simple, evolving change strategy; and helps us head off problems before they occur in any organization—but only if we are serious about change.

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