Getting Executive Management on the Agile Bus

Alan Shalloway, Net Objectives

Much of the focus on agile transitions is on the team. However, the business side of an organization and the managers that lead it are not particularly interested in the mechanisms of agile teams and processes. They want faster time to market, schedule flexibility, predictability, visibility, better quality, and useful metrics. In other words, they want to know about things that help them get to success and that show when they've achieved it. Alan Shalloway describes agile development from an executive's point of view. Rather than focusing on the "how" of agile, he talks about the "why." Alan highlights ways for you to communicate to executive management how agile teams enable what they are trying to accomplish. Find out how improving time-to-delivery can drive higher quality into software development while driving waste out of the development organization. Explore with Alan the hows and whys of increasing the visibility of met and unmet expectations on both sides-from management to development and from development to management.

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