Hacks to Becoming a Mindful Agile Tester

Raj Subrameyer

Have you ever felt like you've been working on multiple tasks all day long, but at the end of the day when you review your work, you realize you haven’t accomplished anything concrete? After years of working in the tech industry, Raj Subramanian realized he was not able to accomplish any task with complete focus and attention. So in 2017, he started a six-month journey of self-exploration and discovery. He read books; listened to podcasts on mindfulness, productivity, leadership, and self-motivation; and tried to apply various concepts learned from this journey in his daily tasks at the workplace. Raj will share the results of this experiment and describe how he was able to get more focus, improve his critical thinking skills, figure out a way to prioritize his time, and make himself more approachable to people in his personal and professional life. You will leave this session with different hacks, tools, tips, and tricks to become a highly accomplished and productive tester in a vastly chaotic environment.

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