How to Jumpstart Enterprise Agile Adoption

Alan Padula, Intuit

Want to get a jumpstart on agile adoption in your organization? Begin by leveraging a roadmap that Intuit has used for rolling out enterprise agile to its business units. While there is no single way to bring enterprise agile into your organization, Alan Padula describes a model that has worked repeatedly. The important first step is to create a vision of what full agile adoption looks like. Once a rich vision is created describing what people will be doing and how they will be doing it, create a roadmap, a time-sequenced plan with milestones. Each milestone has a description of everyone’s job responsibilities, the measurements to take along the way, the personal and business benefit, and the set of activities planned in order to achieve each succeeding milestone. Key transition activities include training, infrastructure, change leadership, planning, and governance. Join Alan for the jumpstart you need to successfully adopt agile in your organization.

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