An Incremental Approach to Setting Up a Data Warehouse

James Ferree, Motorola

With the growing popularity of agile methods like eXtreme Programming and the emergence of automated, open source unit testing frameworks such as JUnit, the idea that developers should actively participate in testing their own code finally is gaining broad acceptance. Numerous studies and countless examples show the tremendous benefits of having a suite of unit tests created by developers and always executed before integrating units into a build. Unfortunately, the majority of development organizations attempting to implement automated developer testing fail to achieve long-term success. Alberto Savoia shares the underlying reasons that most developer testing efforts fail to take off and, more importantly, offers his "Seven Laws of Developer Testing." Arm yourself and your organization with the information and tools you need to make managed developer testing your best bet for delivering significantly better software.

  • Developer unit testing as an essential component for higher quality software
  • The seven laws of successful developer testing
  • Free tools and resources to help you get started with managed developer testing

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