Leading Agile Projects: Finding Your Groove

David Hussman, DevJam

There are many books about agile, but most fail as a guide for navigating the beginnings of an agile project. Whether you are preparing for your first agile project or taking the lead for the first time, David Hussman provides a guided tour of an agile project's start-up filled with practical advice and a pile of anecdotes. David begins by walking you through a collection of preparatory techniques which foster a strong start-assessments, project chartering, setting up a lab, iteration 0, and creating a product backlog. From there, he moves into helpful coaching practices to feed an agile project and keep it going strong-fostering discussions, facilitating retrospectives, social radiators, developer manifestos, talking in tests, and more. These techniques will help you successfully lead and guide your newly forming agile community and get the project off to a good start.

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