Leading Successful Projects in Changing Environments

Pollyanna Pixton, Accelinnova

There’s no doubt about it--agile has gone mainstream. Short delivery iterations give organizations the means to incorporate change safely, reach go/no-go decisions early, and discover realistic team velocities. Managers can better determine if market windows can be reached--thus placing successful products in customers' hands. What if the ground beneath the project team is changing rapidly even as it is trying to make progress? Pollyanna Pixton shares a collaboration model and iterative delivery process that will help you succeed, even in unstable conditions. She shares her ideas on creating an open environment, identifying the talent the team needs, managing risks, and creating team ownership to ensure great results. Among the skills you need are a collaborative, transparent leadership style; an approach to positively influence outcomes; collaborative communication--and then the knowledge of when to stand back and let things happen. Leave this class with some keys to successfully lead agile project teams--even in the midst of

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