Lean Product Management: When Phase/Gate Is the Wrong Choice

Greg Cohen, 280 Group

More than 70 percent of new software products fail or perform below expectations. Achieving product-market fit is essential-and doing it quickly and within budget increases your chances of success. However, the methods you should use depend on the problems you are trying to solve. The predominant phase-gate model used today is not always the right choice or fastest path to market. As an alternative, lean product management approaches focus attention on applying the right process at the project level. Greg Cohen describes the four product-market fit challenge types, how to identify the challenge type your project faces, and how to adjust your process accordingly. Then, Greg covers key principles of lean product management: dealing with uncertainty, the role of time in decision-making, achieving competitive separation, capturing market opportunity, and implications compared to traditional project planning, phase-gate releases, and budgeting cycles. If you are ready to challenge the wisdom of phase gate, this session is for you.

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