Lessons Learned from 20,000 Testers on the Open Source Mozilla Project

Tim Riley, Mozilla

Open source community-based software development can be extremely wild and woolly. Testing in this environment is even more so, given that it is often less structured than software design and coding activities. What are the differences between testing open source and commercial or corporate applications? What can you learn from the open source community? Take a peek into the open source testing world with Tim Riley as he describes how the Mozilla Project develops and tests the Firefox browser. Tim describes how they monitor new builds, how people all around the world engage in testing, and how anomalies quickly bubble up to the release team. Although some of the tools they use may look familiar, how the Mozilla Project applies them will give you a fresh perspective. Find out how to apply the lessons learned at Mozilla to your projects and unleash the creative power of really smart people inside and outside your organization. Now, more than ever, we need all the help we can get!

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