Microservices and Docker: Foundation for a New Generation of Applications

Avantika Mathur

Docker has matured and expanded from its primary use in the build/test stages into production deployments. Similarly, microservices are expanding from use mostly for greenfield web services to use in the enterprise as organizations explore ways to decompose their monolith to support faster release cycles. Anders Wallgren says that running microservices-based applications in a containerized environment makes a lot of sense—for both build and test, and from a runtime perspective in production. Docker and microservices are natural companions, forming the foundation for a new generation of applications. However, managing microservices and large-scale Docker deployments pose unique challenges for enterprise IT. Join Anders as he discusses patterns for microservices-based architectures and what makes Docker such a good fit for microservices. He explores how to operationalize Docker orchestration, autoscaling and disaster recovery in large-scale production environments, and best practices for Docker configuration and registry management to ensure consistency throughout the pipeline and stability in production. Anders offers tips and tooling for monitoring and managing clusters of containers as a single distributed application and more.

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