Moving to an Agile Testing Environment: What Went Right, What Went Wrong

Ray Arell, Intel Corporation

About a year ago, Ray Arell called his software staff together and declared, "Hey! We are going agile!" Ray read an agile project management book on a long flight to India, and, like all good reactionary development managers, he was sold! Now-two years later-their agile/Scrum process has taken shape; however, its adoption was not without strain on development, test, and other QA practices. Join Ray as he takes you on a retrospective of what went right and, more importantly, what went wrong as they evolved to a new development/test process. He introduces the software validation strategies developed and adapted for Scrum, explains what makes up a flexible validation plan, and discusses their iterative test method. Learn how they use customer personas to help test teams understand expectations for quality in each sprint and employ exploratory testing in the Scrum development flow. If you see agile in your development future, come discover what you're in for, traps to avoid, and how to be successful. If you're not ready for agile, you'll learn some new approaches that can be applied to traditional processes.

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