Moving from Test-Last to Test-Driven Development

Mike Cohn, Mountain Goat Software

Has it ever happened to you? Due to an immovable delivery schedule, time for testing is squeezed and long hours are the norm at the end of a project. Well, let’s move the testing forward in the development process. In fact, teams are learning that, rather than relegating tests to near the end of a project, there are huge benefits to adopting a test-driven process-a more maintainable and robust design, testable code, fewer defects, and a cross-functional highperformance team. By combining unit test-driven and acceptance test-driven processes in a more agile setting, you can deliver on shorter schedules without sacrificing quality. Mike Cohn shares his experiences with test-driven development, including the flexibility it offers for dealing with schedule pressure, the role of documentation, and the steps for getting started. He also describes a test “pyramid” and how to separate test specifications from test writing.

  • A model for test-driven development with unit and acceptance testing
  • Split large features into small, but valuable, pieces that can be written in a test-driven manner
  • The critical role of test automation in test-driven development

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