Next-Generation Performance Testing with Lifecycle Monitoring

Scott Barber, SmartBear

With the increasing market demand for “always on” high performance applications, many organizations find that their traditional load testing programs have failed to keep pace with expectations and competitive pressures. Agile development practices and DevOps concepts of continuous delivery cause old load testing approaches to become unacceptable bottlenecks in the delivery process. Although it remains true that the only way to know for certain how a system will respond to load is to subject it to load, much of what load testing has traditionally accomplished is rooting out performance issues that are detectable and resolvable without actually applying load. The trick is knowing when and how to look for these issues. With specific examples from recent client implementations, Scott Barber shares the T4APM™ approach, a simple and universal process to detect and manage performance issues—with or without applying load—throughout the lifecycle.

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