The Past, Present, and Future of Scrum

Dave West

In the past two decades, Scrum has become the standard for agile development, used in some form today by 90 percent of agile teams. As Scrum starts its third decade, it’s not the fresh-faced process framework it once was. Yes, it has met—and dealt with—commercial, technical, philosophical, and practical challenges. Dave West discusses the past, present, and future of Scrum, using real data from more than 200,000 open assessments and 50,000 professional assessments to describe its challenges and evolution. Learn how to: (1) add the development infrastructure for continuous delivery; (2) define the systems engineering to manage the operational requirements from the start; and (3) create architectures to simplify the challenges of large-scale development. Learn how, in an industry that survives on the bleeding edge, there will continue to be a role for Scrum with its events, artifacts, and roles and how Scrum can continue to evolve.

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