Product Management: The Innovation Glue for the Lean Enterprise

Mimi Hoang and George Schlitz

At a time when organizations of all sizes both want and need innovation, exciting approaches including lean startup and agile development have risen to the forefront. Although there is no shortage of resources and expertise on these approaches, less guidance is available on the daunting challenge of introducing and increasing innovation in our organizations. Organizations of different sizes face different challenges in innovation which, if not dealt with, end up stifling the potential results. Mimi Hoang and George Schlitz share experiences from many years of successes and failures introducing and increasing innovation in diverse companies. Mimi and George explore the difference between the challenges that startups and big companies face increasing innovation and how product management can help overcome them. They share innovation killers, give top insights on how to be successful, and present participants with an assessment they can take back to their own workplaces.

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