Risk Identification, Analysis, and Mitigation in Agile Environments

James McCaffrey, Volt VTE

Although risk identification, analysis, and mitigation are critically important parts of any software project effort, agile projects require non-traditional techniques that are much quicker and easier to use than classical risk techniques. James McCaffrey focuses-not on theory-but on realistic risk analysis methods agile teams can readily implement with lightweight tools. James explains and demonstrates how you can employ taxonomy and storyboarding methods to recognize project meta-risks and identify product risks throughout the development lifecycle. Using “central moment” and “PERIL” techniques, you'll learn to analyze these risks and develop management and mitigation strategies dynamically, while the project is underway. Leave this class with a solid understanding of risk concepts and terminology, the ability to identify when risk analysis techniques are appropriate (and not appropriate) for your development environment, and a set of practical techniques you can put to use immediately in your projects.

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