Scaling Agile Adoption Beyond the Development Team

Michael Cottmeyer, Pillar Technology

Given the success of agile at the development team level, managers are exploring the possibility of implementing agile methodologies across the entire product lifecycle organization-beyond software development. Managers who have launched such adoption efforts are uncovering many myths, misperceptions, and obstacles that derail their efforts before they really get started. Product delivery organizations fail to become agile because they don't really understand what makes agile teams work. Mike Cottmeyer describes an agile adoption roadmap that begins with an individual team and then demonstrates how multiple teams can work together to deliver more complex projects and portfolios. He expands the agile concept beyond the development team and shows how organizations can optimize their value stream across the enterprise. At each step of the adoption process, Mike demonstrates how to choose the policies, practices, and metrics that create learning and drive sustainable organizational change.

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