Scaling Automated Tests: Choosing an Appropriate Subset

Manoj Pahuja

Automated testing of an application with many dependent services can be challenging. Achieving continuous deployment across these services can be even more so. Managing, coordinating, and scaling deployments of services can become overwhelming and error prone over time. Ensuring that you are able to detect important defects before customers do can be difficult. Executing only relevant tests after each code change rather than always running everything (boiling the ocean) can be a formidable task and might not scale well as the size of the app increases. Manoj Pahuja and Daniel Clayton suggest a remedy. What if simply adding an additional YAML file in your source code repository could eliminate a lot of these pain points and make managing all these jobs and tasks easier? What if defining properties in this file could select and run the most appropriate tests? What if this file could set up the infrastructure to run the app and tests auto-magically? Manoj and Daniel present ideas and practical solutions that work to scale deployments and automated test runs. Join them as they share strategies to determine which tests to run in response to each code change.

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