See the Forest, Not Just the Trees: Improving Quality and Flow in a Continuous Delivery World

Ashwin Desai

There are many companies today implementing agile and DevOps practices, usually enabled by a microservices architecture. Most of them are focused on continuously delivering value to their customers within the boundary of a time-bound sprint. If you work at one of these companies or want to move in that direction, how does the quality delivered by your team today compare to in the past? Has it improved, stayed the same, or gotten worse? Are you actively using that data to improve quality? Join Ashwin Desai as he reviews how his company implemented a lean-based approach that allowed them to measure quality and flow. You will leave with an understanding of the measurements applicable to an agile organization implementing continuous delivery can be used to improve quality and reduce rework. Learn about the challenges, failures, and successes related to implementing these measures and building a continuously learning organization.

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