Sleeping with the Enemy

Gojko Adzic, Neuri Ltd.

Unfortunately, traditional software delivery models are often based on a lack of trust among stakeholders. Because the business doesn't trust developers, testers are asked to provide independent validation. Because developers don't trust testers, everyone wastes a lot of time arguing about whether a problem is in the code or in the tests. And testers-they are taught not to trust anyone! All of this distrust even though we share the same end-goal-delivering a product that satisfies our customers. Gojko Adzic describes why independent testing should be a vestige of the past. He explains how testers engaging with developers and business users gives testers opportunities to accomplish things they cannot do otherwise. Learn how development-test teams Gojko has worked with-from small web start-ups to large financial institutions-facilitate good communication and trust among business users, testers, and developers to deliver better software, faster. Discover how the testers on those teams developed better insight about where to focus their efforts, how they engaged with business users early to prevent problems, and how their developers were enticed to do the bulk of functional test automation for the team.

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