State-driven Testing: An Innovation in UI Test Automation

Dietmar Strasser, Borland (a Micro Focus company)

Keyword-driven testing is an accepted UI test automation technique used by mature organizations to overcome the disadvantages of record/playback test automation. Unfortunately, keyword-driven testing has drawbacks in terms of maintenance and complexity because applications easily can require thousands of automation keywords. To navigate and construct test cases based on so many keywords is extremely cumbersome and can be impractical. Join Dietmar Strasser to learn how state-driven testing employs an application state-transition model as its basis for UI testing to address the disadvantages of keyword-driven testing. By defining the states and transitions of UI objects in a model, you can minimize the set of allowed UI actions at a specific point in a test script, requiring fewer keywords. With a test case editor built on this concept, technical and non-technical testers-and anyone else in the team-can develop maintainable and stable test cases in minutes rather than hours or days.

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