Systematic Test Design...All on One Page

Peter Zimmerer, Siemens AG

Good test design is a key ingredient for effective and efficient testing. Although there are many different test design methods and a number of books explaining them in detail, studies have shown that the regular use of these methods is actually quite limited. What are the reasons behind our neglecting to use these methods? How can we improve our practices to design better tests? Peter Zimmerer shares a poster-sized document, "Test Design Methods on One Page," that displays the big picture of test design through a systematic, structured, and categorized overview of different test design methods. When designing test cases, testers in his organization systematically consider each technique as they design and develop tests. He urges you to give this poster to every developer and tester on your team and put it on the wall in your office. It serves to remind you and your team of the valuable test design methods and helps you select the right ones for each situation. Trust Peter, you'll deliver better and smarter test designs instantly.

  • How to systematically select test design techniques
  • A concise representation of test design methods
  • When to apply different design techniques

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