A Systematic View of User Acceptance Testing

Geoff Quentin, QBIT Ltd

Acceptance testing is a vital and specific form of testing whether you are tasked with rolling out an enterprise application package, releasing a major system enhancement, or developing acceptance tests in an agile development project. In addition, acceptance tests can give some teeth to service level agreements and software acquisition contracts. However, most treat acceptance testing as the same activity as system testing-but done by different staff. That is wrong! Because acceptance testing is not about bug hunting and breaking the software, you need a different strategy. With over 25 years of experience covering acceptance testing for all types of systems from safety critical control systems to standard financial applications, Geoff Quentin shares his views on how to do acceptance testing correctly. Using ISO 12207 processes, IEEE standards as appropriate, and anecdotes from his personal experiences, Geoff outlines the important acceptance test activities beginning at project initiation and going to and beyond the start of production operations.

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