Ten Indispensable Tips for Performance Testing

Gary Coil, IBM Global Services

Whether you are inexperienced with performance testing or an experienced performance tester who is continuously researching ways to optimize your process and deliverables, this session is for you. Based on his experience with dozens of performance testing projects, Gary Coil discusses the ten indispensable tips that he believes will help ensure the success of any performance test. Find out ways to elicit and uncover the underlying performance requirements for the software-under-test. Learn the importance of a production-like test environment, and methods to create suitable environments without spending a fortune. Take back valuable tips on how to create representative workload--mix profiles that accurately simulate the expected production load. And more! Gary has developed and honed these practical and indispensable tips through many years of leading performance testing engagements.

  • A set of practices that will ensure better performance testing
  • How to make your performance data work for you
  • How to report succinct and understandable performance test findings

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